Saturday, April 4, 2015

A word from Natalie....

Once again I had the privilege of returning to Todos Santos to be a part of the Rabies/sterilization campaign. It’s a 10 day event I look forward to every year.
Loading up the van, securing the totes.
Educational day in the community
            Last year Allandale took on the responsibility of helping two young boys continue their education. Unlike Canada it costs to continue education past the primary grades in Todos Santos and many are unable to do so as it is a very poor region. We had two young house boys named Mario and Christino at the hotel we stayed at last year.  They always seemed to be there: at 5 am when I got up and 10 pm when we went to bed. We inquired through our translators why they were not in school and found out about the cost of continuing education. Both boys come from an underprivileged background and needed to work to support their families. They were only 14 and 16 years old!! They were such hard workers and always had smiles on their faces.  We felt we had to help them. We approached the program directors to ask what it would take and found out what we needed to raise for the boys to go back to school.

Both boys have done very well and their grades have improved over the course of the year. I was so excited to hear how happy they both are to be attending school and they want to continue to do so. Mario evens plays in the school band!! Some of the money we send is to allow the boys to do their homework at the internet café. They need the computers and a printer to complete their assignments and it costs for the time on the computers. This year we are hoping to raise funds to purchase two gently used laptops and printers so they can do their homework from the convenience of their own home instead of having to line up (and spend money) at the café. The boys worked so hard at helping us when we are in Todos Santos that I think it would be a much appreciated thank you present.
            We were approached by The GAAP program director as the younger siblings of both boys have expressed an interest in continuing their education when they finish their primary school this year. What started out as a project to help the animals has snowballed into helping the humans as well.
Helping to restrain a kitty for vaccines

            I look forward to the year ahead; to receiving updates on Mario and Christino, fund raising for a cause I truly believe in and returning next year to continue the work in a community I have grown to love.

Through education and support we are helping a whole community become a better place to live.

- Natalie

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