Friday, September 23, 2016

Another chapter in Allandale adventures....

Allandale adventures continue, this time our team ( Dr. Lechten, Dr. Poon, Dr. Hauer, Natalie and Melissa) ventured far up north ( 3 hrs north of Thunder bay to Gull Bay , First Nations. They spent 3-4 days there, completing 19 surgeries on their first day! Way to go! After Gull bay, they then ventured to Armstrong, a small community, also north of Thunder Bay. We have not had a full report from them, as internet is hit and miss, and we are sure that they have been quite busy up there. They have sent many photos which have been posted on our Facebook  page, but had to share this Gull Bay sunset with you all, so peaceful...priceless.

Sunset at Gull Bay First Nations

Well we are into the first day of fall, which according to the weather outside today, doesn't seem like it? With Halloween just around the corner from us, let hope it doesn't snow for all the ghouls and goblins that will be out. Please remember Halloween can be a hazard time of the year for our pets. Stay tuned to the fall newsletter to read all about the potential hazards your pet could be susceptible to.
Dr. Roger's shows us her pumpkin carving skills