Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Luck of the draw....

I just wanted to thank you and the team for all that you do.  What a privilege it was to accompany you on such an amazing trip. I will always be grateful and appreciate the opportunity. 
There was a 1.5 year old dog named Wish that had a spay earlier that morning. She appeared to be VERY uncomfortable and was whimpering when I checked on her in surgical recovery. She was refusing to move, so I spoke with Stacy (the Tech assigned to the patient during surgery), she confirmed to me that she was okay and that she just needed some more pain medication.  We retrieved some cooked chicken meat from our lunch table to feed to her so she could have some anti-inflammatory medication
working as recovery nurse
. The patient was more than eager to eat it and easily took the liquid medication right after. She was so trusting and gentle. I am sure she knew we were helping her. I encouraged the woman (owner) to keep her bundled in the blankets / hot water bottles & keep stroking her for comfort.  When I checked on her again, she greeted me by she raising her head and wagging her tail. I smiled at the woman and with tears in her eyes she took my hand to say thank you. Despite the language barrier, the communication was very clear. Andres, one of the interpreters explained that the senior woman lived alone and that Wish was her baby.  Later after the patient was discharged by one of the Vets, the smiling woman again thanked and hugged me before leaving with her companion, Wish. She was so grateful, I regret not getting a picture of them both, but hold the memory close to my heart along with so many others.  
drawing up rabies vaccine

Rose Holmes

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