Thursday, December 13, 2012

AVH's top 10 Christmas Gifts for your Pet

Just like Oprah's holiday special where she gives out ideas of her favorite Christmas gifts, we have compiled a list of our top ten favorite pet gifts you could give to your pet. Here they are....

10. A Backpack for your dog! Do you enjoy the outdoors more when you don't have to carry your pets water bottles, treats and bowls? Doggy backpacks are easy to put on, with multiple pockets where they can carry a mini first aid kit, collapsable water bowl, small canteen of water, and treats for your pet.  You can even add in freezer packs of ice into the backpack pockets during the warmer weather to help keep your pooch cool. Great for avid hikers or just wanting to take a stroll.

9. A new collar and leash. Tired of the old leash, they have so many funky kinds out there, it's easy to find something to suit your style.

8. Self warming pet bed. Beleive it or not they have self warming pet beds available. Great for the older pet that may have arthritis and achy joints or great for cats that love to curl up.

7. FroliCat Dart. This is an automatic laser toy for cats, how cool is that?

6. Seat Harness for car rides. Harnesses are easy to place on your pet, and clips into the seatbelt to keep them secure while driving.

5. Pet Fountain. Automatic drinking fountains with continous running water keeps it fresh and cool. Most fountains hold almost 1 L or water. Some cats prefer running water instead of  water in a bowl.

4. Automatic Pet Feeder. Fabulous idea! Great for cats and dogs especially if your pet is a wee bit on the chunky side. With some calorie reducing foods, using an automatic dispensing door, set the timer according to how many times you want the dispensing door to open and for how long and away you go. Ingenious!

3. Dental prophy. Can you imagine going all your life without going to the dentist? Pets cannot speak like we do, they can't tell us when they have a toothache or something is bothering them. Come on in and visit us with your pet for a complimentary dental quote.

2. Training. How about a training class? There is always room to learn a new trick or two. A great way for some social interaction for your pet as well.

1. Microchip. What if your pet becomes lost? Gets off a leash chasing a rabbit, or gets confused when outside and tries to find the wrong house to come home to? Microchipping is easy, affordable, and a quick procedure. Book your appointment by calling our office 705-733-1422.


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