Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy ending really do happen - even for dogs....

One of our clients decided to share a beautiful true life story with us, and we wold like to share it with you....

"I had a Jack Russell Terrier whose health was failing badly but I wasn’t quite ready to let him go. I wanted a companion for him who would be patient, gentle and kind to him but where to find such a dog? While pursuing the pages of “petfinder” I saw and fell in love with a Chloe a Chihuahua mix who needed a forever home.  I filled out the application form and waited hoping for the best. My references were called and checked to see what kind of person I was and how I treated my present dog Elliot. All my friends and family told the people from Happy Tails Rescue that they would gladly come back in another life as my dog to be spoiled. I was soon called and Chloe was brought over for a 2 week trial and the rest was history…"


"There are some challenges to adopting a “rescue” dog as opposed to going to a breeder but you will never find a more grateful, loving, happy individual as this. Chloe never had her own bed before I got her nor anything of her own before I got her. The first belonging she ever owned was a red blanket from Giant Tiger which I have kept to this day as she still loves it. If I ever can’t find her I know exactly where to look for her she is happily sitting in her bed or on her corner of the couch."


"She is a well-adjusted loving little being who enjoys walks but is still very  cautious of strangers. She is very close to her immediate family and loves to go to the cottage and play with her friend the squirrel."


Happy endings really do happen even for dogs.

- Anonymous