Thursday, September 18, 2014

AVH is now a Cat Friendly Practice!

What does it Mean to be a Cat Friendly Hospital? 


Recently Allandale Veterinary Hospital gained a new certification of being a "Cat Friendly Hospital" It entails a detailed application that took quite some time to complete. Once approved AVH may have random checks by personnel involved with the Cat Friendly association. Every two years AVH must be re-certified. 

The AAFP has created the Cat Friendly Practice Program that allows veterinary practices to systematically and effectively address the needs of the feline patient in order to provide the highest quality care. The program aims to help increase feline visits by providing practitioners with the guidelines and resources to become a Cat Friendly Practice.
The program was first introduced in February 2012. Participating practices that have become cat friendly have noticed a considerable difference.

Participating practices will complete a self-assessment checklist that guides the practice to incorporate the essential criteria by using the educational resources provided. Many of the techniques contained in the checklist are readily achievable because they focus on approach and organization. The program does not require remodeling your practice but provides creative solutions for you to help decrease the stress during the visit. The most important step is to recognize that there is a need to make these adaptations in order to provide a higher quality of care to cats.
When a practice takes the steps to become a Cat Friendly Practice, it creates a practice environment that values the feline patient’s needs. At the heart of the Cat Friendly Practice is the potential for building productive relationships with cat owners, which will result in improved care of the feline patient.

As applicants go through the assessment process, they will have the opportunity to:
  • Evaluate attitudes and care provided to feline patients.
  • Examine the practice environment and equipment by considering the specific needs of cats.
  • Assess and implement practice skills, training and education.
  •  If you are interested in learning more feel free to come by our Open House on Sunday Oct 19th between 2-5 and tour the facilities, and learn more about how we treat our feline patients.