Sunday, April 17, 2016

And that's a wrap!

Well the team did it! We are so proud of them, they are on their way home. They stopped for a day of rest and relaxation after working so very hard! Here is Natalie with a quick tour of Antigua, and a final tally of numbers for you!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Just another day in Todos Santos

We have some positives to report from Todos Santos. Dr. Lechten and Natalie sponsor some children from the region to attend school. School is not readily available for the older children. Schooling must be paid and you also need to buy books, supplies and internet time for homework. There is also clothing to buy. Many families cannot afford to lose income as the children usually go to work, Here is an update of how the children are doing in school, and a photo of their report cards.
The children and their proud mothers showing off their report cards.

Below it appears that someone has brought in a dog that has recently has puppy's that is not in the best of health. Dr. Elena Garde of the GAAP appears to be treating her.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In the eyes of Kris...

Looks like things are starting to roll. Here is the latest video sent to us by Kris Hughston- one of our volunteers helping with our campaign.

Looks like the hospital in the "Salon" known as the municipal building is all set to go and start helping the patients of Todos Santos, Guatemala!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Setting up the make shift hospital

So here it is, the day before the opening. A quick view of the local community hall being transformed into the temporary clinic. As Natalie explains the different sections of the hall...

Locals will walk from near and far to be lined up in the morning well before the doors open. There will be interpreters available for most of the people who only speak Spanish or Mam the local language.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

They made it!

So our team has checked in with us, and continued to send us short videos of their trek.

Here they are departing in a van for the 10 hour drive up into the mountains with supplies and luggage strapped to the roof.

 Early Friday morning April 8-

Friday April 8th- Day one they have arrived in Todos Santos. Here Melissa narrates what the town is like in the hilly region. Can you imagine walking miles and miles with your pet for a rabies vaccine? This is what the local do each year when the team arrives.

Saturday April 9- Day two. This video although loud so its hard to hear what is actually going on,  depicts "Community Day" in the square of downtown Todos Santos. This is where "WE "the volunteers have a huge part. All the GAAP volunteers set up stations, for adults and children to participate in. Each station consists of a craft or education center where they can learn about important information about their pets health. This day starts off with the Saturday market early in the morning, vendors start setting up at 4 am! It continues through the morning until lunch then you have to wait until the following Saturday for it again!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Early morning departure to Pearson Airport

Thursday 2:00 am. Day one of the journey begins with an EARLY 2 am meeting at the hospital to load the supplies to get to the Toronto airport. Here the ladies have arrived at the airport unloading luggage and totes of supplies before boarding. Their adventure starts with their first flight to Miami airport where they will have a short layover and catch their second flight into Guatemala City. We wish them the best and safest travel as possible. We will connect with them later on as they arrive and get set up. Stay tuned followers!

Thursday 3:06 pm. They have arrived! Here is Melissa giving us a quick tour of Guatemala City....

Monday, April 4, 2016

Is spring in the air? Doesn't seem like it...

Well there was a touch of spring last week in our area, but looking out the windows today after receiving a significant amount of snow and the cold wind blowing as the sun glistens off the white stuff blinding us, doesn't really put you in the mood for spring. Let alone a
reminder that tick and heartworm season is upon us.
Despite the weather we have started heartworm testing.
Please call our office or refer to the guidelines in the newsletter.

Our team is gearing up for the departure of the long journey to Todos Santos Guatemala. Over the past year we are so very thankful to have received donations, and support for the various fundraiser we have held. We were able to raise approximately fifteen thousand dollars over the past year. We are so ecstatic for the generosity and support we can't thank you all enough. We hope to set our highest goal this year not only vaccinating but being able to spay/neuter over 200 pets this year. Keep posted to our blog and Facebook sites as we will try to "vlog" this year. It all depends on the connection, but we hope to send short videos back for you all to see.
Back to ticks for one minute, which I am sure is on everyone's mind these day as you hear about those pesky little creatures. We have already has some siting of ticks in the area ( around the Ardagh Bluffs area for instance). All they need is a few days of +4 C, and it is warm enough for them to come out of hiding searching for a host. We are now  dispensing tick preventative medication for those concerned. Especially if you take your dog hiking, camping or out at a grassy park. The medication is available in topical and chewable. The chewable is flavored which really makes it easy to give to your pet once a month. If you have questions please let us know.

It may be difficult to see ticks, always check their hair coat by petting or spreading the hair to see the parasites.