Thursday, June 23, 2016

ahh Summer is here...

Well summer is finally here! Please remember it doesn't take much to have a car overheat in the sun, no pets left in a car. Certain breeds are also prone to heat exhaustion and overheating like our brachycephalic breeds ( pushed in faces) for example pugs, bulldogs etc.
So what are the signs of an overheated pet?

Symptoms of overheating include:
Heavy panting or rapid breathing Elevated body temperature
Excessive thirst Weakness, collapse
Glazed eyes Increased pulse and heartbeat
vomiting , bloody diarrhea seizures
Bright or dark red tongue, gums Excessive drooling
Staggering, stumbling Unconsciousness

In addition to hot vehicles, other contributors to pet overheating include humid conditions, lack of drinking water, obesity, and overexertion.
Some pets are at higher risk for heat-related illness than others like, older pets, puppies and kittens, animals that are ill or have a chronic health condition, pets not used to warm weather, and any pet left outside in hot weather.

On another note we have some exciting new products to share with you. We now have "toe grips" available where they are measured and applied to the actual nail. It helps the older dog, or dog that is afraid of slippery floors or even that dog that needs help walking around due to injury, surgery or disease.

Its a genius idea. Each color represents a different size. Our rehab department would have to pre-measure the nail, and fit the appropriate grip to the size your pet would need. We have quite a few patients now that have been using these grips for various reasons. Call us for more information if you are interested.

We also have another new line of product to help with dogs that have crusty nose tips. Its a lathering balm that help moisturize even the driest nose.

We have it stocked, so if your pet suffers from this, help 'em out today! Supplies are in demand so to ensure availability call our office. We wish you and your pet a terrific beginning to the summer months! Stay tuned for our next post for even more products we will be carrying.

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