Friday, December 16, 2011

Have a Pawsitively Safe and Happy Holiday!

Well the holidays are among us for cheer. Although as we look outside it looks more like early Novemeber instead of mid December. Things are underway here at the hospital.  The tropical Luxury boarding suite is completely done as well as our cabin suite. If your pet is boarding in one of our themed Luxury Boarding suites, in order to view your pet via internet you will be able to by the following way:

1. If using a pc- we will lend you a USB stick with the program already on it. You will also be  given a password for the room your pet is boarding in. The pasword will only be valid for  the amount of days you are using it. Log onto our website, click Pet Cam in the menu, then your password.
2. Our technical support is still working on the ability to use the program with mac products ( ipad, smartphones etc). We hope to resolve it soon.

Artist: Corrado Mallia
We recently finished our Rock N Roll suite, pictured here- is our Muralist ( artist Corrado Mallia) very talented artist!
To see more of Corrado's fantastic work you can log onto his website at the following address:

Enjoy Retirement Anita
In other news, we are sad to see Anita leave our team. Anita has been with us working alongside Dr. Lechten as her exam room technician for the  past 10 years. Anita has decided to retire. Anita's husband just recently retired and the two plan on spending time with their dogs" Boomer" and new addition to the family "Ryker".  Travel plans are near as the couple plan to spend some time in Arizona! You will be missed Anita!

Remember that as Christmas nears, keep the holiday chocolate out of the way of the pooches. White chocolate does not contain theobromine so it is not toxic, but the darker the chocolate the higher the theobromine levels area. So play it safe and hide it! IF your pet does come in contact and ingests chocolate but are unsure of the toxic level phone our office immediately! The longer you wait more damage can occur to your pet.

On Sat night we had our Annual Chritmas Party, held at Horseshoe Resort. The dinner was a buffet and as always-  very delicious. The desserts were even better ha ha! Here is a photo from the evening.

                                             From L-R: Melissa, Dr. Paquette, Lisa, Dr. Lechten, Carly and Dr. Rogers.

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