Monday, May 30, 2011

Preparing Your Cat for a Veterinary Visit!

A carrier with a removable top is best.

1.Rehearse visits to the hospital. Use positive rewards. Avoid punishing as it can have unintended effects like redirected aggression.

2. Adapt cats to carriers. Take kittens and cats on short rides. Try to begin as early in life as possible. Cats often feel safe and secure in their little transportable home.

3. Bring items for the cat such as bedding or a toy.

"Feliway" spray to help with anxiety.
 4. Notify the vet team in advance that the cat can easily get upset. This will allow us to prepare for the arrival(have them placed in a quiet room immediately or tailor the appointment differently). For example some cats do better with house calls, others do not.

5. Understand the effect of your own anxiety or stress on the cat. Remain calm and reduce outward display of fear and anxiety.

6. A removable top on the carrier is best carrier to get- especially for those fearful or fear aggressive cats, as well as for painful or limited-mobility cats.

7. Consider spraying a synthetic feline facial pheromone spray at least 30 min prior to placing the cat in the carrier.

8. Placing a towel over the carrier will prevent visual arousal. Try to secure the carrier while driving using the seatbelt to give some  added security.

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