Monday, January 21, 2019

Another journey...

The start of a new year. In case many of you were not aware, in late 2018 we were nominated for the Petplan award Practice of the Year. There are many categories within the Petplan awards tier, however we were nominated for the one (hospital of the year). We were notified that out of 5000 nominations ( for the entire award process of all tiers) we became the top 3 finalist in that category. Pretty exciting huh!? 

So in January Dr. Lcchten brought down a group to participate in the awards gala and dance. It just so happens that it co-ordinated with the NAVC Veterinary conference as well. So some of the team stayed down to also do some learning of the latest and greatest in the field of medicine.

We did become a finalist however we did not win the category. We were presented with a  plaque which we will humbly display on our awards wall as you walk into the hospital. Here  is a photo with Dr. Lechten presented last night in Orlando Florida.

2019 PetPlan finalist in the category "Practice of the Year"