Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Have an itchy dog? There is hope...

Does this look like your itchy dog? 

There is relief in site! There has been a new drug come out into the veterinary market called Apoquel. It is for the itchy dog that nothing seems to work? Or if it does it has negative side effects associated with it?  
 A rash can be a sign of one of many skin diseases. Rashes may be caused by an allergic response to something your dog came in contact with, a food it ate or a medication. Or a rash can be a sign of skin parasites (fleas or mites), a fungal infection, bacterial or yeast infections, immune-mediated disease or seborrhea.
If your pet has a rash, see your veterinarian to help determine the cause and recommend a treatment program.
 APOQUEL is prescribed by veterinarians for dogs over 1 year of age to help lessen itch and inflammation due to allergic skin disease. It  is not a steroid, antihistamine or cyclosporine (a type of drug that reduces immune system activity). It is a new class of drug that blocks allergic itch at the source, with fewer of the side effects you may have seen with
other therapies.you can use APOQUEL in the short term. It begins relieving the itch within 4 hours, with effective control within 24 hours. This drug  may be given to your dog with or without food. Here is the the link from the company Zoetis ( the maker of Apoquel). Contact us today if your pet suffers from itchy allergies, to discuss if this treatment option is right for your pet.