Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dangers of Halloween and our pets....

Chocolate. Of all candies Chocolate poses the biggest threat to dogs. Many like the smell and are attracted to it. The darker and more bitter the chocolate the more dangerous it is. Can you imagine ingesting dark chocolate covered espresso beans? Yikes...A single ounce of bakers chocolate can make a 50 pound dog very sick. Milk chocolate and white chocolate are the least dangerous but should still be kept out of reach.  If you think your pet has ingested chocolate please call our hospital immediately. Do not wait for digestion to occur. Signs to watch for include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, agitation, increased thirst, elevated heart rate and in severe cases, seizures.  In smaller dogs even the wrappers can cause secondary obstruction in the stomach or intestines.

Raisins. Mini - boxes of raisins can be a healthy treat for tick-or-treaters, but are extremely poisonous to dogs. Dogs can experience kidney failure after ingesting very small amounts of raisins (including similar products with grapes and currants). Signs of this toxicity include, vomiting, nausea, decreased appetite, lethargy, abdominal pain, excessive or decreased thirst and urinations, bad breath and rapid onset of kidney failure.

Glow sticks and glow jewelry.  Cats being the curious critters they are, love to explore. Cats often ingest glow sticks or jewelry accidently because they are bright and fun to chew. The contents in the sticks can cause mouth pain irritation as well as profuse drooling and foaming. Bathing the chemical off the fur is important too as grooming can contribute to further poisoning.

Candles. This one is kind of self explanatory. Curious noses and wagging tails have a way of finding lit candles. Keep out of reach to avoid injury.

Costumes. Everybody loves a dressed up pet. Just make sure it doesn't impair vision, or movement of air intake. If it has metallic beads or snaps or other small pieces be aware especially ones that contain zinc or lead.  

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Seeing is believing


                  Call our office to inquire about laser therapy with either Caitlin or Dr. Rogers.